Duration approx 120 min

Botanical hiking in the best-hidden secret place in *Penteli mountain…a landscape of unique and special aesthetic value with remarkable biodiversity just 5 min drive away from our apiary.

Acquaintance with native plants of the Mediterranean flora with significant botanical and phytotherapeutic value.

Break time with a quick snack and refreshments while stopping by the waterfall and the coolness of the plane tree.

*Due to the destructive wildfires in the summer of 2022 on Mount Penteli, the mountain suffered great losses in vegetation. These tours are currently on hold until the land has recovered.

Alternatively, we combine a botanical hike on the Ymittos mountain with a honey tasting. Furthermore, Ymittos has long been known for the high quality of honey produced there.

This mountain range, which can be reached in just 15 minutes by car from Athens’ city center, boasts remarkable biodiversity and provides sweeping views of the surrounding area.

Participants will learn about native Mediterranean plants with important botanical and therapeutic significance throughout this mountain trip.

Honey tasting, snacks, and refreshments at the end of our hike beneath native pine trees.

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