Duration approx 120 min

The EVOO tasting experience is a simple and fun introduction to olive oil tasting in the elegant environment of our small beekeeping farm in Attica. It is carried out in collaboration with the Anima VinOlea team.

The experience includes welcome with homemade lemonade or a drink of Greek herbs with honey and snacks with cottage cheese, honey, pollen and extra virgin olive oil.
Visitors in a relaxing environment can learn about the composition of olive oil, its nutritional value, how extra virgin olive oil is produced, the production zones in Greece and the Greek varieties. In the second part, they learn to approach organoleptically an olive oil to recognize the positive and negative characteristics.

Finally, they taste four (4) PREMIUM extra virgin olive oils and combine them harmoniously with basic raw materials.

At the end of the presentation, visitors have the opportunity to talk to the From a to bee & Anima Vinolea team, to tour the farm and the laboratory, to taste and to be informed about the products.

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