Elisabeth Eleftheropoulou

Customer service

For 17 years I worked in airline handling service at Athens airport. Along with my job, I did my studies on alternative therapies and meditation. Growing up as an urban kid I was very fortunate that my family had a farmhouse in northern Evia. There I first encountered the bees. From a young age, I …

Angelos Kapadais

Financial and Business Managment

With several years of experience in banking sector and as a tax and insurance advisor, I’m in charge of the financial and business management. As a child raised in a big city, I had no clue about bees. Till some years ago, when I decided to participate in a small beekeeping seminar, where I also …

Ellie Apergi

Admin, Beekeeper, Farm Owner

Born and raised in Piraeus, I have lived in the eastern suburbs of Athens since I was a high school student. I studied interior design and French literature, but found my true calling as a professional beekeeper later in life! It all started as a hobby and soon turned into a passion. I’ve always enjoyed …

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