Ellie Apergi

Position: Admin, Beekeeper, Farm Owner

Born and raised in Piraeus, I have lived in the eastern suburbs of Athens since I was a high school student.
I studied interior design and French literature, but found my true calling as a professional beekeeper later in life!

It all started as a hobby and soon turned into a passion. I’ve always enjoyed the chance to connect with nature, and bees taught me the true meaning of connection in every aspect.
I have worked as a professional beekeeper for several years now. Still, as part of my continuing education, I have attended seminars on tastings of honey, wine, and extra virgin olive oil, as well as on natural cosmetics, apitherapy, aromatic and medicinal plants, and essential oils.

It’s my pleasure to serve as the founder and administrator of the “From A to Bee” social cooperative enterprise and the owner and beekeeper of “Mellie’s” apiary.

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