Our Goal

Become part of the bee's sphere of unity

Our vision is to become a brand offering high-quality alternative experiences/activities, premium Greek agricultural products, culture, and cuisine. Emphasizing on their uniqueness, due to specific characteristics, our goal is to promote Grecian beekeeping, honey and hive products, medicinal and aromatic herbs, their use in natural cosmetics and alternative medicines, their connection with tradition and art, both in Greece and abroad.  Through “From A to Bee”, people will have the chance to start a journey into nature, the magic world of bees and the amazing Greek flora.

Our motto “Bee our guest” means: Step into the shoes of a beekeeper or a herbalist and have a “hands-on” experience. Learn the importance of the bees in the eco-system and the food-chain. Discover tastes and gastronomic experiences offered by various pure local honey and traditional recipes based in a high-quality hive and agricultural products. Learn all about herbs and valuable medicinal plants used in Greece since the years of Hippocrates. Actively participate in a workshop and learn how to create your own homemade treasures!


Grecian beekeeping &

hive products


alternative experiences

and activities

Start a journey

into nature & the magic

world of bees

Our visitors will realize that bees, these divine insects, represent a sphere of unity, held together by dependent mutual relationships. The task of the enlightened human is to become part of the nature’s sphere of unity.

This requires a different mindset. In truth, we are not independent of our environment, but through stronger dependent relationships we could become stronger. The bees show us this.

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