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Ellie Apergi

Position: Admin, Beekeeper, Farm Owner
Email: apergiselli@gmail.com

Born and raised in Piraeus, I have lived in the eastern suburbs of Athens since I was a high school student.
I studied interior design and French literature, but found my true calling as a professional beekeeper later in life!

It all started as a hobby and soon turned into a passion. I’ve always enjoyed the chance to connect with nature, and bees taught me the true meaning of connection in every aspect.
I have worked as a professional beekeeper for several years now. Still, as part of my continuing education, I have attended seminars on tastings of honey, wine, and extra virgin olive oil, as well as on natural cosmetics, apitherapy, aromatic and medicinal plants, and essential oils.

It’s my pleasure to serve as the founder and administrator of the “From A to Bee” social cooperative enterprise and the owner and beekeeper of “Mellie’s” apiary.

Ellie Apergi

Admin, Beekeeper, Farm Owner

Born and raised in Piraeus, I have lived in the...

Angelos Kapadais

Position: Financial and Business Managment
Email: akapadais@gmail.com

With several years of experience in banking sector and as a tax and insurance advisor, I’m in charge of the financial and business management.

As a child raised in a big city, I had no clue about bees. Till some years ago, when I decided to participate in a small beekeeping seminar, where I also met two of my current partners. Needless to say, the amazing world of the bees totally captivated me.

A whole society, so perfectly organized in all levels! Every member has its own role, respects the others and is ready to sacrifice itself for the rest! And as far as my sector is concerned…with an economy that never fails!

No wonder why the Royal Economic Society’s logo is a honeybee!

Angelos Kapadais

Financial and Business Managment

With several years of experience in banking sector and as...

Elisabeth Eleftheropoulou

Position: Customer service
Email: e.eleftheropoulou@gmail.com

For 17 years I worked in airline handling service at Athens airport. Along with my job, I did my studies on alternative therapies and meditation.

Growing up as an urban kid I was very fortunate that my family had a farmhouse in northern Evia. There I first encountered the bees. From a young age, I had the pleasure of tasting honey while visiting the beekeepers of the area with my dad. Years later, motivated by my passion for bees and being environmentally aware, I started attending beekeeping classes.

Today, with love and joy, I creatively recycle some of the packaging materials that return to us from both our products and others. It is an activity that allows me to express myself artistically and at the same time gives fresh life and meaning to objects that are turned into unique handmade gifts for you and your loved ones!

Elisabeth Eleftheropoulou

Customer service

For 17 years I worked in airline handling service at...

Our Collabοrators

Searching the best quality

Two women from the oenology industry. Eleni Katsirma, oenologist, member of an accredited group of winemakers in olive oil tasting, with experience in tasting, wine communication and gastronomy. Lena Karatsoli, an oenologist with experience in the sale and distribution of agricultural products abroad. The team is completed by George Deligiannis, agronomist, certified olive oil and wine taster with many years of experience in fine dining restaurants.

The group “Anima VinOlea” operates and coordinates simultaneously with the Social Cooperative  From A to Bee.

A multifaceted project created for the needs of communication, promotion of wine and many more, providing a wide range of services. A specific partner for wineries, a consultant for restaurants but also, a special edifier for businesses where gastronomy is involved …..

…We connect people with wine!!!

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