Floral Honey


Collected from early May to late June this honey contains the promise of the upcoming Greek summer. Variegated flavors that are young and gentle, delicate, fruity, and sophisticated.



Apiary Location: East coast, Attica 

Floral Source: Tilia Europaea, vitex agnus castus e.t.c 

Pairing: Floral honey pairs well with creamy cheese, as well as a buttery Camembert. Perfect accompaniments are grapes, toasted pecans, and a crusty baguette.  Drizzle it over a freshly sliced apple with cinnamon and wash it down with a glass of Chardonnay!

Our honey varieties are sealed by hand without the use of machines in the standardization process. A piece of useful information for consumers is that unheated/unpasteurized honey crystallizes at some point. Crystallization is a natural process. If you want to restore the honey to a liquid form, use gentle heating (immerse the jar in warm water at a temperature of about 40°C for a few hours). Avoid microwaves.

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