Forest Honey


Brown almost dark amber color with an intense flavor and smell of wildflowers. Harvested from the forest trees both conifers (fir, pine) and deciduous (chestnut, oak) and some of the wildflowers, herbs, bushes, and grasses growing around and blossoming in the woods, where the beehives are kept during the harvesting season.


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Apiary Location: Foloi forest, Ilia 

Botanical Source: Wide range of herbs, botanicals and tree nectars 

Pairing: Also widely used as a natural sweetener and great in different kinds of teas or even coffee. Perfect match with nuts or breakfast cereals. Try it with goat cheese, walnuts and dried figs. 

Our honey varieties are sealed by hand without the use of machines in the standardization process. A piece of useful information for consumers is that unheated/unpasteurized honey crystallizes at some point. Crystallization is a natural process. If you want to restore the honey to a liquid form, use gentle heating (immerse the jar in warm water at a temperature of about 40°C for a few hours). Avoid microwaves.


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