Gift bag with 2 jars


Burlap gift bag with 2 jars of 212ml or 314ml.

In this elegant bag, you have the option to place two jars with honey of 212ml / 350gr or 314ml / 500gr.

A 314ml honey can also be combined with a tea blend in the 314ml glass package.

Whatever combination you choose, it will be a unique and enjoyable gift!

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The combination of the two honey jars includes pine tree honey and flower blossom honey. We have made this default as these two characteristic varieties of honey meet the taste preferences of the majority of consumers and cover the two main categories (honeydew honey & floral honey).

The combination of the honey jar with tea mixture includes flower honey with a herbal blend for tea.

This default can be modified upon request.

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2 x 350gr, 2x500gr, 500gr + 30gr


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