Greek Mountain Tea / Ironwort


Dried herb in a package of 25gr. Product of organic farming.

Ironwort is the common name for the aerial parts of various species of Sideritis plants. Sideritis species have been used in folk medicine for their antimicrobial, digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Over the years, they have been studied and were found to be rich in flavonoids, with valuable antioxidant activity.

In the folk medicine of the Balkan countries, Sideritis raeseri is used as a herbal tea in the treatment of inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders and coughs, and also as a tonic, whereas extracts are used as a component of dietary supplements for anemia. Its dried inflorescences are used to prepare a beverage called ‘mountain tea’.



Raeseri is the most commonly cultivated Sideritis in South-Eastern Mediterranean. Plants in the genus have a history of use in traditional herbal medicine and are used either for the preparation of herbal teas or for their aromatic properties in local cuisines. The herbal tea is commonly prepared by decoction, by boiling the stems, leaves and flowers in water, then often served with honey and lemon. It is used for the relief of cough associated with a cold. Also for the relief of mild stomach and gut discomfort.

It is gathered in July, when in full bloom. The plant is typically dried before usage.
In ancient times “Sideritis” was a generic reference for plants capable of healing wounds caused by iron weapons during battles. However, others hold that the name stems from the shape of the sepal, which resembles the tip of a spear.

Cultivation area: Mt. Olympus, Central Greece

Scientific name: Sideritis raeseri

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