Oak tree honey


Dark amber, almost black honeydew produced by the ancient oak tree combined with chestnut blossom and the varieties of the wild Herbs of the forest on Telethrion mountain. The area is included in the “Natura 2000” Nature Network. It is characterized as honey of exceptionally high nutritional value, and rich in antioxidants and minerals.

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Deep earthy taste with lots of malts and a touch of smokiness – quite savory less sweet compared to nectar honey while it tends not to crystallize easily. Not for the timid palate, woody notes with a lovely caramel flavor in the center. Also notes of vanilla, walnuts, and dark chocolate. 

Apiary Location: Mount Telethrio, Evia Island

Botanical Source: Quercus frainetto,Quercus pubescens,Quercus robur

Pairing: Use it to lightly sweeten some black tea. Pairs well with savory foods rather than sweet and is a perfect partner of Pecorino Toscano with some fresh pears or on walnut bread.

Our honey varieties are sealed by hand without the use of machines in the standardization process. A piece of useful information for consumers is that unheated/unpasteurized honey crystallizes at some point. Crystallization is a natural process. If you want to restore the honey to a liquid form, use gentle heating (immerse the jar in warm water at a temperature of about 40°C for a few hours). Avoid microwaves.

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