Orange blossom Honey


Αs golden as the sun that helped the fruit to grow this medium-amber honey takes your senses on a journey through the orange grove in full bloom. Highly aromatic, enticing and surprising with notes of citrus and honeysuckle combine playfully in a not-too-sweet captivating finish.


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Apiary Location: Argos, Nauplio, East Peloponnese 

Floral Source: Citrus Sinensis

Pairing:  Orange honey is just waiting to become a honey butter spread. It tastes delicious melted on french toast. It also makes a perfect orange glaze to finish ham, pork, or fried chicken and goes just as well in desserts. Try drizzling it over pannacotta and a chocolate ganache tart.

Our honey varieties are sealed by hand without the use of machines in the standardization process. A piece of useful information for consumers is that unheated/unpasteurized honey crystallizes at some point. Crystallization is a natural process. If you want to restore the honey to a liquid form, use gentle heating (immerse the jar in warm water at a temperature of about 40°C for a few hours). Avoid microwaves.

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