Thyme Honey


Despite the strong north winds whipping the east coast of Attica all across to Cape Sounio during summer, our bees are able to forage on wild thyme and make one of the most amazing Mediterranean honey. If you’re looking for a rich, heavenly-flavored honey with lots of personality, thyme honey is worth a try!



Very aromatic and intense, this Greek treasure, usually sold in small decorative jars, is a worldwide favorite. Whoever said, “If olive oil is the lifeline of Greece, then honey is the soul.” was talking about this honey. Strong, herbal with resinous, savory flavors it has a distinctively fresh feel. Overall, there’s a distinct hint of the herb.

Apiary Location: Lavrion, Sounio South-East Attica 

Floral Source: Thymus capitatus

Pairing: Thyme honey drizzled over thick, creamy Greek yogurt is a timeless pairing. Traditional Greek offerings are pasteli (sesame seeds bars), baklava, and roasted feta drizzled with thyme honey.

Our honey varieties are sealed by hand without the use of machines in the standardization process. A piece of useful information for consumers is that unheated/unpasteurized honey crystallizes at some point. Crystallization is a natural process. If you want to restore the honey to a liquid form, use gentle heating (immerse the jar in warm water at a temperature of about 40°C for a few hours). Avoid microwaves.

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