Dried herb in a package of 30gr. Product of organic farming.

Thyme is an extremely fragrant herb with thin, woody stems and small, pungent leaves. It blooms in the heart of summer and attracts bees like a magnet. It has been a staple in southern European and Mediterranean cuisines for centuries. One of the best-known natural antiseptics.Tonic and digestive when it is drunk as a herb tea. Relieves cough and runny nose.


Cultivation area: Mountainous Corinth

Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris

Pairing: In Mediterranean cuisine, thyme is a popular seasoning for lamb dishes. Its slightly floral flavor lightens the sometimes gamy taste of lamb. It also pairs well with tomatoes and beans. Thyme is the main ingredient in the classic herb combinations “Bouquet Garni” and “Herbes de Province”. These herb blends are frequently used to flavor meat, stews, and soups.


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30g / 30γρ.


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