Happy New Year!
Holiday wishes mostly mention health first as it is a quality that is highly appreciated nowadays. We, thereforebegin the new year with useful wellness tips and send our best wishes to you. Do you know what should not be missing from your herbal pharmacy at this time of year? Along with this pandemic we are facing, there are also common viral infections spreading during winter. We’ll introduce you to the best allies* against them!
Herbs enhance immune function so the body can fight off viruses either by preventing infection or by ensuring an easy recovery. Coordinated with honey or/and propolis they can assist support the body as it deals with common symptoms, like cough, fever, and congestion, that frequently accompany a viral contagion. With just a few simple practices and herbal additions to your daily routine, you can ensure you’ll feel your best all winter long!
Significant aid in the case of a cold you could discover in Thyme, Ginger, Echinacea, Sambucus (Elder), and Garlic!
Besides becoming familiar with some of the best herbs for cold and flu season, our intention is to teach you how to make several different types of herbal preparations! You may start with a simple herbal tea and further instructions will follow. Stay tuned!


*Natural methods of strengthening the immune system have an ancillary role and not constitute a cure, nor do they replace the appropriate treatment that will be recommended by the treating physician. In case you are receiving medication for any disease, consult your doctor to avoid any synergies or interactions!

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